The Name

Let me just start by saying, this is my third blog. This time, I decided to change my blog for a few reasons. 1. because I thought a lot about what the purpose of my blog is, and the direction I want to take it (yeah-yeah-yeah, it's not that serious) and  2. because I didn't really like my blog name, which you CANNOT change. Maybe third time's the charm?

People have chosen some pretty awesome blog names! Which also really limited my choices. I kept thinking about different names, and every time I thought "Yes! This is it!", the name was already taken. Finally, it just came to me: THE BIGGEST MUCH. Every time I read it, I smile. I'm aware that "the biggest much" isn't exactly grammatically correct. But, to a 2 year old, it is! The title is based on a conversation that Isabel and I have often. (yes, this doesn't include Julian, which seems somewhat unfair in my mind, but...he can't talk yet. so there!)

Me: Isabel, I love you!
Isabel: I love you too, Mommy.
Me: How much do you love Mommy?
Isabel: THE BIGGEST MUCH!!! [with her arms spread out from side to side as far as she can reach]

It looks kind of like this...

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