Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Update

Kind of out of order, but I'm putting this photo first because I like it. :) We finished planting everything in our garden, and I'm so excited! I can't wait to eat something from the garden. I made a yummy vegan recipe today (Better Than Chicken Salad), that I will blog tomorrow, and it had fresh carrots, celery, bell pepper, parsley, and cilantro. I was able to use the parsley and cilantro that I planted, and it was so exciting! I can't wait to make it again with carrots and bell peppers from the garden. I think I'm most excited to see what color carrots and bell peppers I get, since I bought a colorful variety, it will be a nice surprise!

Here is the soil that I bought at WalMart. It didn't end up being enough, so I bought another huge (3 cubic feet) of soil from Home Depot.

Here's what the planter looked like ready for seeds and seedlings!

We strung off sections so it would be easier to map out what were were planting where, and easy to remember where the seeds were planted.

I have such a nice husband that helps with everything. He's planting zucchini here...I'm hoping to grow it up the trellis.

The kids were nice too. Hehe. They fell asleep watching a movie while we planted everything. Don't worry, my couch is right in front of the sliding door, so we could see them the whole time.

Completed! We have two squares in the bottom right corner, that we are going to plant a couple beets in, but have yet to buy the seeds. In the back row there is yellow crooked neck squash, zucchini, and onions planted throughout. The onions are companion plants to everything in my planter!

I planted two more strawberry plants and a couple onions in this up-cycled bucket...originally meant to hold ice and drinks at at party. Adrian drilled a couple holes in the bottom for drainage.

I also added some onions to the other strawberries.

In the middle rows of the planter are colorful carrots, and butter lettuce.

In the front are the yellow banana peppers...and a couple more onions.

My patio tomatoes on the left, raspberries in the middle, and rosemary in the back pot. My birthday is coming up on March 19th, and I asked my brother for a blueberry plant (about the same size as the raspberries). Hopefully he remembers. :)


The herbs...This picture is oregano in the back and parsley in the front.

Basil sprouted from seeds.

PS: I've been doing a ton more reading and research on eating vegan, including watching "Meet Your Meat" on YouTube. I am utterly disgusted that I cooked beef stew a few nights ago. I also don't think that there is any way that I can do this's starting now. No (eating) animal produts. PERIOD.

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