Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Puppy and New {DIY} Soap Pump

How cute is my brother's new puppy, Alera!?! She is the sweetest dog...very calm and loving. We will be puppy-sitting her for the next two weeks. She is an Aussie-Doodle (Australian Shepard-Poodle mix), and she's only 7 weeks old. Hopefully the potty training/crate training goes well.

I have been really busy this week working on a complete re-do of Isabel's room, with a craft area for me. I am so exited to have all of craft stuff all in one place. It feels like Christmas!!! I can't wait to share all the projects that I've been working on for her room. Lots of organizational stuff, decor, and DIY. I just want to wait for the finished product before I show any of it.

One thing I made today, that literally took me only 10 minutes, is this soap holder! Incredibly easy and cheap. I've been looking for a new container for our dish soap because our current one cracked at the bottom-causing leakage of soap everywhere.....But at Target the ones I found were $10+...really?? I found myself looking at them at the store every week, thinking..."Should I just buy it? We need it...No, I can't do it!" Plus, this one looks much cuter, and more fun because I did it myself.

I was thinking about spray painting the lid to match, but I don't have any paint that matches, and spending $4 on the right paint would ruin the cost-effectiveness of the project.

What you'll need:
Soap pump (I used one I already have)
Drill with large bit (or a nail & hammer)
Hot glue gun
Mason Jar (based on the size of your pump...I used a pint size. I already had them, purchased a case of 12 for $8 at Target)

Start by drilling a hole in the lid, right in the center. We did it this way so that the jar would catch the metal shards, and because when Adrian tried just holding the lid, it got too hot to hold. (If you don't have a drill, you can also use a hammer and nail to make a hole..It will just take a little longer.)

Dump the metal shards in the jar out, and then wash it really well. File down the really sharp edges. Then stick the pump in, and hot glue under the lid to keep it in place. The pump was a little too long, so I just snipped the end with some scissors. That's it...New soap pump! I want to make one of these for the bathroom too!

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