Thursday, March 1, 2012

Painting Lessons

I haven't blogged all week. I've been so busy painting. Here's what I've learned about painting: 

1. You will need a helper. And a stool.

2. You might fall off said stool. A few times....
3. If you decide to use your dining room chair as a stool, you will drip paint on it.

4. Not all blue tape is created equal. The generic brand at the discount store might work better than the most expensive at the hardware store.
5. Spray paint is awesome.

6. Preparation is key. You will probably spend more time preparing your area than actually painting.

7. Painting is not hard. 
8. Fixing painting mistakes/lack of preparation is.
9. Even if you don't think you'll drip, always lay down a tarp. You will drip.
10. Don't always trust the advice from the sales associate at Home Depot.
11. Don't use spray gloss as a top coat for your indoor mural.
12. If you do use spray gloss as your top coat, you might have to touch up around the whole mural using your wall color.
13. You don't have to be an artist to paint a mural. You just need A LOT of patience. 
14. Trust your gut instinct when choosing paint colors.

15. Wait until the first coat of paint dries before attempting to paint a second coat.
16. You won't need a second coat if you spend $10 more, and get paint & primer all-in-one. 

17.  An expensive brush goes a long way. (Made cheaper by a coupon- even better!)

18. Painting one thing may give you the overwhelming urge to paint other things. 

19.  You might not be able to sleep until your painting project is complete.
20.  Buy more paint that you think you'll need. It's better to have to much than have to make another trip to the store mid-project.
21. Paint gets old. If you try to use it for touch ups 2 years later, it might dry a different color. Then you will have to paint AGAIN.
22. Did I mention that spray paint is awesome?

 Final products of all the things I've painted this week, coming soon....

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