Monday, February 27, 2012

Isabel is a BOY.....not!

The other day I was deleting pictures on the computer that I don't need-- usually after I publish a blog post, I delete those pictures. Not pictures of the kids, but pics of chicken cooking, veggies chopped...that kind of stuff that I would never need other than for the purpose of this blog. When I was doing that, I found this video. I have never watched this before. It's circa December 2008.

Here's a little preface: We went for a 3D Ultrasound when I was barely 15 weeks pregnant with Isabel (shhh! don't tell I was only 14 weeks 6 days, even thought you are supposed to be 15 to find out the gender of your baby). Well...I went too early. The lady told us that she was almost positive it was a BOY. Nope. Wrong. NOT A BOY! She said it multiple times, but did tell us to come back a week later so that she could double check. She also told us (off camera), that she had never been wrong in predicting the gender of babies in ultrasounds that she had done (for the past 20 years!). Maybe it's my fault because I went a day early, or because I should have just been more patient and waited until the 19 week ultrasound at the doctor. But, we really reeeaaalllly wanted to know the gender of the baby before Christmas. 

Adrian and I were so confident (that the baby was a boy), that we went out and spent 3 hours (or so) registering at Babies R US. Post baby #1, I realized, registries are pointless. Waste of time because no one buys off of them anyways, annnnnd...if you want to cheat, you can see ahead of time what people are buying you. (NO way did I do that ;) ) But, I still wouldn't discourage first time parents from registering. It's just so fun to do, and a right of passage for becoming a parent. 

It's an extremely long video. I would just watch the first part, and then skip to the end (no I do not know how to edit videos, not do I want to learn right now). Sorry Isabel for saying I wanted a boy. I didn't really mean that!

(took me over an hour and a half to upload!)

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