Monday, February 13, 2012

Mind Racing When it Should be SLEEPING

Here I am, 3am and wide awake. Not feeling sleepy one bit! Instead of laying in bed--just laying there with my eyes open, thinking about all of the things that I could be doing, I decided to get up an DO something.

First, I took a shower. Isabel, who should have been sleeping, colored in the bathroom while I showered. [No, my two year old is NOT up at 3am-- the shower was around midnight.] After observing her coloring furiously scribbling over every page in her coloring book, I thought "I need to teach this girl what coloring in the lines". I got a crayon, and showed her how to color Minnie Mouse's shoe....she didn't get it. She just said, "I'm gonna color Daisy's shoe then!" (and then scribbled all over Daisy's leg..and shoe.) Hmmm well...try again Mom! I got a marker and drew some shapes on the page. (She REALLY knows her shapes, even octagon, and pentagon--insert Mom bragging here -->isn't that good for just over 2.5???) I told her to color inside the shapes. She did okay....She loves to color, because during my quick shower, I was asked for more paper about 5 times!

I also went through my planner, looked at the bank account, checked off bills that have been paid, and made a few notes. I ate a strawberry cupcakeAfter, I had already brushed my teeth, rinsed in peroxide, and marinated my teeth in fluoride (how else am I suposed to say that?) wonder I have cavities. Oops.

Then I got to thinking more about the whole coloring incident--What else could should I be teaching her? Maybe I should put together an "at home" preschool plan for her? (A series of recent events led me US to the decision to stay home with the kids for awhile who knows how long...but that's a whole 'nother topic that I won't get into to-- I bet you were wondering how I had all this time to cook and clean and DIY everything. No, I'm not SuperMOM. I didn't suddenly grow and extra set of arms, and I didn't clone myself either.) I'm thinking that this preschool idea is NOT something that I can just whip together. I need to find a reliable person to talk to for advice. A google search just provided WAY too many results. Maybe another day when I have a little more patience (and it's not the middle of the night), I will go to the world wide web for my preschool dilemma.

I planned thought about planning the meals for the week, but that's not really something I'm interested in doing right now. Plus...Adrian and I do that together. I'm to indecisive to choose what to have for dinner without him, and he's too picky for me to choose for him. What I ended up doing, was wiping of the "What's for Dinner" Board, and then realized that the dinner I have planned for tomorrow, isn't going to work out. It's a crock pot meal, which can usually saves time, but won't work out for tomorrow. I have a few important errands to run, and Adrian is working the late shift. We will probably just have dinner at Grandma's House. Grandma, what's for dinner tomorrow? I mean today. It's 3:32am now.

Then, I was going to work on the next step of my sourdough experiment, but it ended up just needing a stir. So I blogged Day 4 of the Sourdough Experiment. And then I wrote this blog post.

Hmm...I'm feeling a little tired now. Maybe what I need every night is a brain emptying session like this. Oh, just FYI, after the shower, I tucked Isabel into bed and she's been snoozing for awhile now.

I wish I could cuddle with my sweet little Juju bear right now, but he is a good little boy who sleep in is own bed. His sweet little 15 month old cheeks are just so kissable and baby soft. (These pics are from his nap a few weeks ago. Not him sleeping right now. I'm not that mean! OK!

Oh so cute!! Maybe a little teeny bit creepy that my babies sleep with their eyes cracked open.

He's so funny how he sleeps! He's always loved the blanket over his face. Used to scare me so much when he was littler. If you took the blanket off his face, he was sure to find something to put over, a bib or burp cloth most of the team. I would run over to him, scared that he wasn't breathing, and pull off the blanket (or whatever it was at the time), and there he was, peacefully sleeping underneath!

One more thing....I also found this cool tutorial from favorite blog to make laminated placements using (free) Picasa. I LOVE Picasa! And....I am already familiar with how it works. Can't wait to do this!

Goodnight!!! XOXO, Jaclyn

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