Monday, February 20, 2012

(Almost) Spring Cleaning...Getting Started

I've officially started SPRING CLEANING.

 It's not quite spring yet, but since I've been home with the kids for just over three weeks, every inch of this place is driving me bonkers! I've reached the point where I'm about ready to throw out every toy we own. 

Today I told Isabel that we were going to give all her toys away because she had too many...the look on her face was completely priceless. I was just kidding okay? I only threw out some toys, and she hasn't even noticed. Mostly broken stuff, and puzzle pieces from three separate puzzles that were all mixed together. (No way was I going to sort those!) I also have twp bags and a box to donate. Don't worry, I'm not done yet...that's just the beginning. Who needs stuff anyways?

Remember I mentioned 40 bags in 40 days idea by Clover Lane? Basically the concept is, you make a list of different areas in your house, and each day you conquer that area by getting ridding of stuff you don't need. How liberating! I haven't got to the point where I've made a list yet. I've just been testing out the waters. I've done (most of) the kitchen cabinets, including a complete overhaul on the spices and pantry. The freezer (thank you Adrian!), the fridge, some of the kids toy's and I'm completely done with the desk. Yay! My own personal space! 

My house isn't big enough to have a dedicated craft room. (That would be a dream come true.) But, Adrian is sick of my stuff on the dining room table. I was able to organize a lot of stuff in this space, but not everything. I still have quite a lot of stuff in our closet, behind the bedroom door, and in Julian's closet. Mostly sewing and bow making supplies. I have so much fabric, but I'm not ready to part with that. I know one day I will have the time to make beautiful creations out if it. The last time I sewed was when I made our Halloween Costumes.

About the desk...I've had this desk for about 7 years. Adrian always asks me to get rid of it, but it's NEVER going to happen. This desk was the first piece of real furniture that I ever bought on my own. I specifically bought it knowing that it would be a piece that I could keep for a very long time. I have yet to paint or stain it (mostly because I can't decide on a color). It's needs a few repairs-- the back piece got ruined during a move-- but, that doesn't hinder it's use! I love that you can close the doors and it looks like a big armouire (and little ones can 't get into stuff).

This is what our desk looked like BEFORE.

Yeah, pretty scary! We are lucky that the doors closed. I didn't make any attempt to "tidy up", I just took the embarrassing as it may be.

This is after! We got rid of the desktop computer because it wasn't working anyways. Plus we have a laptop, so we didn't need it. It's still not the dream space, but so much better!

 Everything is tucked away when the doors shut. You can see my pretty menu board on the side. :) We moved the printer,  AT&T equipment, and the phone. Yes we still have a house phone, I'm terrified that in an emergency my cell phone will be lost and who knows what will happen. The phone is much more accessible there. I wanted to contain all the craft stuff inside the desk, but it wouldn't all fit. I might end up moving those two containers on the top to Isabel's closet. 

I have a big work space inside, which I am currently using to type this blog entry.  The best part about this desk update is....I spent $0! I had everything at home already, and just re-purposed it. The pink wire shelves in the back were purchased at Joann's (I think) during back to school season before Julian was born. I used them at craft shows to hold soft headbands. The baskets on the top shelf were previously used on top of the desk. Inside of them are paints/glue, mail stuff (address book, envelopes, etc), and stamping stuff. 

These crates were purchased at Michael s (on clearance for $2.99). I also used them for my craft shows. You can see the one on the left has a divider in it, which was a "shelf" that Adrian added to it for when the crate was on it's side. I have thought about staining or painting these, but I'm glad that they blend in with the color of the desk. 

I have additional storage/work space on the pull out shelf. This space would normally be for a keyboard.

You can't tell form the other pictures, but both of the doors have magnetic white boards on them. I've thought about moving the dinner menu to here instead...Maybe? (The days of the week on the other menu board are magnetic.) 

Ignore the chalk in the magnetic container of the door. I bought that for a different project, but quickly learned that chalk is really hard to write with! I got some Chalk Ink Markers that are amazing instead. I used the markers for a project in the kitchen that I'll show later this week. 

By far my favorite part is this...

Adrian hung up the sheet metal that we had left over from the magnetic make-up board I made ($20 for a large piece of sheet metal at Home Depot).  

The cans are re-purposed from the kitchen! I washed and dried them really well, filed down any sharp edges, cut out scrapbook paper, and hot glued it around them. Then hot glued magnets to the back. (leftover magnets form the make up board project). I was so happy that I have a paper slicer thing (what's it called?), and didn't have to try and cut straight lines with scissors. I purposely left a gap in the scrap book paper in the back so the magnets would be glued directly to the can. 

I am so happy how it turned out, and I can't wait for the rest of my house to be this organized! What makes me the happiest, is that it was free! 


  1. oh my gosh, chalk INK!???!!! I'm freaking out! Why didn't I know about this stuff? I have been turning everything that doesn't move into mini chalkboards with my spray paint lately only to discover writing with chalk looks really, really ugly. I'm so excited right now,(I know, I'm a nerd)thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just as excited as you are! I found about the markers after I bought the chalk! Adrian knew about the, because he has them at work.


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